The mission of this site will be to help one family or person at a time to acquire what they need to live a normal life.

This site will center on only ome family or person at a time so that everything can be devoted to them.

I am turning to the internet in hopes to find people who care about others in need. In our community we have a family of 3, the mother who is disabled, the oldest son who is in a wheelchair, the youngest son who takes care of both of them. We are seeking donations to either buy or build a home for them, because where they live the oldest son who is in a wheelchair is a virtual prisioner in his room, as he cannot get around the house in his wheelchair. I am heartbroken that the community is not willing to help so I decided I would put this out on the internet in hopes to find people who care. If you would like information on how you can make a donation see next page.

The history of this site is that the young man cannot find a place to live that can suit his needs.

Below is a picture of Robert.

Pictiue of the young man we are trying to help

This young man has either been living in a house where he cannot get from room to room so he is stuck in one room all day or in an apartment that he cannot get out of because there are 7 steps leading to his apartment and he cannot get down them in his wheelchair.

The last page has a newspaper article about the young man and his family please look at it.

If you wish to help see the next page to make a donation.