Welcome to our nonprofit site!

We all have important issues we we care about and want to share. We want to let other people know how they can join in and make the lives of the handicaped better.

On this home page, I'm introducing the reason for this site and the person we are tying to help.

Our non-profit is trying to help a young man in a wheelchair and others like him.

In our community we have a family whose oldest son is in a wheelchair and they are having a hard time finding a place to live so that he can do things for himself.

                    THE GOAL 

 The goal right is to aquire a PORTABLE WHEELCHAIR LIFT for a young man of 37 years, He is living in apartment with 7 steps, he cannot go in or out by himself, someone has to carry him.


To help him and his family buy a house that will be suitable for him.

On the last two pages see stories of the people we are trying to help

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Mission Statement

We are trying to help this young man and others like him acquire a wheelchair accessable house and transportation.